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Your business is judged by the value you deliver.

Do you ever wonder...

  • Why more people don't understand what great work we do? 
  • Why it's so hard to hang onto clients?
  • Why our members don't show more appreciation for what we do for them?

The fact is, value resides in the minds of your prospects, buyers and members. It’s the result of every direct experience with your organization (transaction, inquiry, etc.) as well as every indirect contact – a review in a trade magazine or the opinion of a trusted associate.

Perceptions are constantly changing

With day-to-day operations requiring so much attention, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters to our most important stakeholders. When that happens we begin to misdirect resources, causing value to suffer. 

Through key informant interviews and an online survey, ValueCheck™ drills down to find out what external and internal stakeholders really think about your products, services and the way you do business:

  • Do employees understand and agree with your value proposition?
  • Do members believe your association delivers real value?
  • Do customers feel appreciated and well informed? 
  • Do employees get the support they need to deliver what customers / members expect?

ValueCheck™ provides insights to help salvage disenchanted stakeholders, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and attract new customers and grow.


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