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Get a complimentary assessment of your strategy & strategic planning process

Every business organization has a Strategic Number – a measure of the effectiveness of its strategy and strategic planning process. 

Spend less than 5 minutes answering a few straightforward questions to discover how well your strategic planning process is working and where it might be letting you down.

You'll get a score out of 100 – Your Strategic Number™ – plus insights to help focus your planning efforts and improve your results.

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We offer Your Strategic Number™ without charge or obligation. It's simply our way of introducing Strategic Retreats and affirming our commitment to strategic excellence. 

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Your Strategic Number (Team)

For strategy to be succesful, leaders throughout the organization must be clear on the organization's purpose and the future they are working to own. Not only that, to function effectively they must be aligned in respect of their primary issues and the initiatives they are being asked to implement.

Your Strategic Number (Team) will pinpoint areas in which your leaders are aligned and others in which they are working at cross purposes. The cost is $1,250 plus applicable taxes for teams up to 50 members. For larger teams, contact us for enterprise pricing.


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