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Professional Advisors and Executive Coaches

Let us help you deliver more value, build stronger relationships

As a professional business advisor and coach, your relationship with each and every one of your clients is special. It has developed over the course of time, the product of your great work and the effort you’ve put into building an atmosphere of trust and support.

From time to time you might be called upon to bring members of your client’s team together to brainstorm, strategize and plan. If you’re like so many other professionals, you’re torn between facilitating the meeting and contributing to the conversation. 

Contribute your knowledge and experience

We’ll take care of the facilitating so you can contribute your client-specific knowledge and experience.

We’re “quick studies” with the ability to parachute into a situation, size it up, and then work with you to design and conduct an event that will generate the outcomes you want, in the most effective manner possible.

You retain the prime role with the client and get to contribute on an equal footing with the other participants, at times influencing from within rather than preaching from up front, and at others working with us to facilitate the meeting. 

Your Strategic Number

Get a complimentary assessment of your client's strategy & strategic planning process

If one of your clients is about to update their strategic plan, or unhappy with the results they’re getting from their current plan, we’ve got a tool to help you identify issues that might be limiting the effectiveness of their plan, and planning process – Your Strategic Number. There is no cost or obligation of any kind. We'll provide you with a report and recommendations that will help you advise your client on both strategy and process.

Find Out More

Put our 20+ years of experience to work for your clients

You're interested in doing the best for your client, and enhancing your long-term client relationship. We're interested in helping you out on a specific project and then moving on to help others.

"Your patience, skills and abilities allowed all parties to feel they had been accurately heard and that their participation was noted and valued."

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“ did a fantastic job [at our Strategic Planning retreat] keeping us focused and moving towards achieving the objectives we had discussed. You managed the two days exceptionally well.”

– Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Ontario

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