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Our core business is guiding decision-making teams through the strategic thinking and planning process.

Our end goal is making your strategy work.

The business world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Many assumptions made yesterday do not hold true today. Increasingly, leaders are being called upon to deal with more complex problems requiring insight, agility, and collaboration.

Dealing with change

As consultants and facilitators, one of our goals is to help leaders and their teams deal with change. Our skills in strategic planning, facilitation, market research and leadership coaching enable us to effectively guide clients through uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and build actionable plans designed to achieve the future they intend to own.

A proven process

Our facilitated planning process brings decision makers together to make mission-critical decisions, prioritize opportunities and challenges, and scope out major initiatives. 

Our focus is squarely on helping our clients – especially professional services firms, professional and trade associations, and small and mid-sized businesses – identify and overcome barriers to success with the overarching goal of enhancing the experience for customers, clients, members, and employees. 


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Uncovering essential information

Good decision-making demands information on which to assess performance, identify opportunities, prioritize strategic issues, and make informed decisions on strategic initiatives. Our experience in conducting customer and employee research using key informant interviews, focus groups, and online surveys enables us to tailor the investigations to a client’s specific needs. 

Deep business experience a plus

When you're looking for an effective strategy consultant, our experience enables us to add an informed perspective on mission-critical issues and to offer advice gained from years spent on the front lines doing, leading, and advising. 

Plus, once the planning has been completed and the plan approved, we are positioned to work with your leadership team to operationalize key initiatives, monitor performance, and recommend course corrections as necessary. 


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“You skillfully engaged  the very diverse board of our NGO in an offsite strategy session. Your experience paid off handsomely as you drew both new insight and active debate from all directors on challenging issues affecting our future course. Through your leadership we have a plan that enjoys the full support of the board, and had a productive and enjoyable day.”

– Paul M. Lavelle, Director, CESO | SACO and Chair, Cambridge Corporate Development Inc.

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