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Facilitated over 100 sessions with over 30 public sector teams as they developed strategy at the ministry, division, and program levels.


Worked with the Board Chair to frame the strategic issues that needed to be addressed, then facilitated the Board through a discussion that repositioned the organization within one year.


Worked with the Executive Director to frame the strategic issues facing the organization, and facilitated the board through a discussion that built shared understanding and a robust action strategy.

Election Ontario

Coached the CEO through visioning the electoral process out 13 years then facilitated the executive team through the creation of a long-term strategy with near-term implementable initiatives.


Facilitated a largely volunteer task force through a rigorous process that resulted in the major redesign of education for entry-level tax practitioners in Canada.


Facilitated a series of half-day sessions with Canadian manufacturing company executives to build an understanding of the vision for manufacturing in Canada in the year 2020.

Bell Sygma

Facilitated the senior management teams of these two organizations to design the foundations for a productive and mutually beneficial strategic alliance.


Facilitated business unit strategy sessions with the executive team responsible for retail and small business credit resulting in a unique and compelling business strategy for the unit.


Facilitated a series of sessions with the senior executive team of this holding company that established clear success measures and implementable plans.


Developed and facilitated a three-year process to support OREA’s brand integration process, and inculcate the brand and brand behaviours into each employee’s daily working life.


Worked with the Board and senior leadership team to develop a three-year strategy to guide the efforts of this national association.

Dr Oetker

Delivered a keynote on dealing with and making change work, and designed and facilitated a role playing game to help management overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable growth.

B2B Bank

Designed and facilitated two half-day offsite meetings to introduce all employees to the concepts underlying branding and the power every employeee has to build a strong brand.

The Mezzanine Group

Facilitated focus groups for a variety of Mezzanine clients designed to identify specific actions that could be taken to modify products and gain greater market penetration.

Seneca College

Worked with the senior leadership team on the redevelopment & implementation of a college-wide rebranding program leading to more cohesive marketing for Seneca’s recruitment initiatives.


Led the development of a strategy to create and position a virtual foundation to boost annual donations and effectively differentiate the YMCA from other charities.


Five-year retainer engagement to develop and implement a marketing strategy for the personal insolvency division, and engage employees in effective sales and marketing practices.

Waterloo Region

Worked with the Board and Executive Director of this newly formed agency to develop the strategy to guide the Corporation during its formative years.


Facilitated two sessions with the Board of a new agency responsible for forest management, focusing first on a long range vision and then on a one year action plan. 


Helped staff executives prepare briefing notes for a strategic discussion of the Board, and facilitated the Board through a dialogue that built shared understanding and a robust action strategy.


Worked with shareholders to articulate a vision for the Firm and create a 3-year strategy designed to solidify HGC’s position as Canada’s most sought-after team of acoustical experts.


Facilitated a comprehensive process to prioritize strategic issues and develop a 3-year strategic plan involving online and key informant research and six facilitated workshops.


Undertook a research project consisting of 14 focus groups and two online surveys to explore the value in, and recommend options for, renaming Toronto’s Homelessness Services System and shelters. 


Facilitated the Executive Council and senior staff of the organization through the strategic planning process to build the strategic plan for 2018-2020, and provided ongoing advice and counsel on its execution.


Worked with the Board of Directors to frame and resolve an outstanding and extremely important business challenge, and then to review and update the strategic plan to get it back on track.

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